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For detailed proposals and quotations feel free to contact me and I will promptly submit you a non-binding and a free of charge offer.

The price for a translation is charged according to the number of lines (55 characters) in the target language. 

Prices for translation projects are also determined by these factors:
level of complexity of the subject matter, amount of time required to complete the assignment.

The prices charged for translations are agreed upon at the beginning of a project. To enable me to provide you with a reliable and attractive quote, please send me as much information as possible on your requirements: deadline, source and target languages, content and format of the documents to be translated.

The price for interpretation services is usually charged on an hourly, half-day or daily basis.

The rates for language training are charged according to the following criteria:

- One-to-one training or group training

- Location

- Training programme type (general or specialized language training)

One lesson lasts 45 minutes.


Language training

Sworn interpreter and translator
of German, Italian, English and Romanian  
Language courses - Translation - Interpreting

 +49 (0) 152  379 349 30 ::

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